Wednesday, 21 April 2010

ARAnyM (finally!)

So I've finally got aranym up and running with network support.

I'm running it on a mac. Took a bit of reading the documentation. And then reading it again.

Useful notes & Difficulties:-

  • Networking works once, then after quitting Aranym, it won't work again until I restart the mac. Nothing on google about the error messages. You'll know if it might work if you're asked for the admin password.
  • Getting Easymint installed from two downloaded partitions meant that my native boot files needed moving to drive E:
  • Which meant editing a few config files, to change paths.
  • jit compiler is 10x faster, but seems to have trouble running the included (kronos) benchmarking software
  • my mouse won't leave the atari screen, so check the keyboard configuration page for macs.. [aranym wiki] which tells me, if I've got the config right its 'left shift left ctrl left alt' oh well that still isn't working.

Useful config bits:


Type = ptp
Tunnel = tap1
HostIP =
AtariIP =
Netmask =
MAC = 00:41:45:54:48:30
on the (Atari) command line:
>ifconfig eth0 addr netmask
>route add default eth0: gw

I suspect there's plenty more questions about getting this working

Here are some useful links:
Get ARAnyM
ARAnyM project page
emutos- a free rom which you will need unless you have a falcon
useful atari desktop software -- the file contains drive_c and all the apps like xaaes, some fonts and highwire, the web-browser.
aranym wiki - help you with the config file, some potentially confusing information here.. !! Read the documentation that came with the download to get networking to work !!
easymint gives you all the freemint stuff (ie; all the unix style software you love eg; grep, a newer bash, perl 5.6)
tuntap for creating that virtual network you might(*) need to create the atari network. !! Read the documentation that came with your aranym download !!
*Alternatively there is a direct connection option.. thanks to Philipp Donzé hopefully I'll get that working soon ;-)

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