Friday, 5 October 2012

addendum.. what else was missing.

There was something not quite right about the previous entry.  When I was booting it was still giving me very little on screen, and so I was suspicious that my actual auto folder was being ignored.. In the logs I had a few auto folders but that didn't match my files..
To cut the story short, I'd previously moved mintara.prg sideways and never found it again, and so never configured the system to boot that way.
Adding a couple of lines to the Aranym config file:

Bootstrap = system/mintara.prg

and finding my existing mintara.prg

meant I was now booting with the right version.. The boot screen displays lots more and asks me about resolutions, except it then crashes with a bus error..  The last line in the logs is something about xaaes img files..
So I renamed the
[boot]/mint/xaaes/img folder,
rebooted and so got to the desktop.

The mouse pointer is still screwy but I'm guessing I'll do a fresh install soon.

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