Wednesday, 3 October 2012

broken borken borked...

So I've not done much recently.. basically I was really confused about what was broken when trying newer versions of software...
So I had a look at everything and tried to figure out whats going on..
Firstly there are 5x MacARAnyM on my machine..

Attempt 1:

MacARAnyM 0.9.9 (Universal)
- boots to desktop..
complains mintsett invalid S?_ and drive d not found.
(booting to xaaes 1.2.1 beta) ..

So I thought I'd swap down to an older version of the desktop.. So following the flow of how any of this works.. that was loaded because in the config I've got..
Path = disk_hk_11042012.img
which will be a 'base' distribution..

Attempt 2:

 So again back to an old 'disk.img'. boots to desktop. No complaints.. but still no drive 'd'.. Which means all the mint stuff isn't visible or working.. Any clues in the logs??

 ... to be continued ...

--> Aranym_files 0
--> /Users/mw6/Documents/Aranym_files 1
ARAnyM 0.9.9
Using config file: '/Users/mw6/Documents/Aranym_files/config'
WM Icon not found at /Users/mw6/Desktop/EVERYTHING/Projects/aranym_hiding/
2012-10-03 16:53:05.793 MacAranym[8148:903] Warning once: This application, or a library it uses, is using NSQuickDrawView, which has been deprecated. Apps should cease use of QuickDraw and move to Quartz.
TunTap(0): open('tap0')
TunTap(0): tapOpenOld /dev/tap0
TunTap(0): NO_NET_DRIVER_WARN 'tap0': No such file or directory
TunTap(1): tunnel name undefined
TunTap(2): tunnel name undefined
TunTap(3): tunnel name undefined
Could not open joystick 0
OS ROM image '/Users/mw6/Documents/Aranym_files/ROM' not found.
EmuTOS 2008/02/07 loading from '/Users/mw6/Documents/Aranym_files/etos512k.img'... [OK]
Reseting weird mouse packet: 498, -567, 0
hda: GEM
sdb: LNX
ada: Non-ATARI root sector
adb: Non-ATARI root sector
adc: Non-ATARI root sector
add: Non-ATARI root sector
ade: Non-ATARI root sector
adf: Non-ATARI root sector
adg: Non-ATARI root sector
adh: Non-ATARI root sector
PUN INFO: max sector size = 512
BDOS: Address of basepage = 000130a0
BDOS: cinit - osinit successful ...
NF BOOTSTRAP(mintara.prg -> 0x377ba, 14414662)
NF BOOTSTRAP(0x377ba, 14414662) -> 0
Loading \AUTO\BCONOUT.PRG ... [OK]
Loading \AUTO\SPDGDOS.PRG ... [OK]
Loading \AUTO\CLOCKY.PRG ... [OK]
Loading \AUTO\LDG.PRG ... [OK]
Loading \AUTO\MINTNP.PRG ... realloc_region: reg = 0, newsize 256
realloc_region: reg is NULL
HOSTFS: fs_native_init:
fs_drv   = 0x249c30
fs_devdrv  = 0x249cd4
fs_devnum  = 0x36
fs_mountPoint = u:\e
fs_hostRoot   = /Users/mw6/Documents/Aranym_files/drive_c [41]

HOSTFS: fs_native_init:
fs_drv   = 0x249c30
fs_devdrv  = 0x249cd4
fs_devnum  = 0x39
fs_mountPoint = u:\h
fs_hostRoot   = /Users/mw6/Documents/Aranym_files [33]

pid   0 (MiNT): FAT-FS [C]: WARNING: mounting unchecked fs, running dosfsck is recommended
pid   0 (MiNT): Found MiNT 1.17 with kerinfo version 2
pid   0 (MiNT): arafs: Dcntl(FS_INSTALL) descr=6FD
pid   0 (MiNT): arafs: Dcntl(FS_MOUNT) dev_no: 256
pid   0 (MiNT): arafs.c: init
pid   0 (MiNT): arafs: ok (dev_no = 0)
pid   0 (MiNT): arafs: ara_root E_OK (256)
pid   0 (MiNT): block_IO []: ../block_IO.c, 96796672: Specified cache size too small (0).
pid   1 (xaloader): run_km(\c\MINT\XAAES\ ok (bp 0x6F380E0)!
Reseting weird mouse packet: -458, -223, 0
pid   4 (AESSYS): fcntl(TIOCGETP) -> 0
pid   4 (AESSYS): sg.sg_flags 0x10
pid   4 (AESSYS): fcntl(TIOCSETN) -> 0

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