Thursday, 4 October 2012

more clues...

I also note that on reboot, none of my usual mint config is being loaded.. (from host fs which is mounted as drive 'E')

Perhaps this is why...

pid   0 (MiNT): arafs: __unlink_cookie: nlink > 0, inode not deleted
pid   0 (MiNT): block_IO []: ../block_IO.c, 96796672: Specified cache size too small (0).
pid   1 (xaloader): run_km(\c\MINT\XAAES\ ok (bp 0x6F360E0)!

This suggests its loading xaaes module from the 'C:' drive.. which probably means xfs extensions are not being loaded (in particular ext2.xfs).

So I copied ext2.xfs and rebooted and so re-gained access to all the files on 'd'.
But still for whatever reason I couldn't boot from 'E' despite setting:
'BootDrive = E'
in aranym 'config'

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